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  • Shenzhen fulont Sports Technology Co., Ltd

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    Shenzhen fulont sports science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise mainly engaged in the production of swimming series products, and a member enterprise of China swimming equipment committee. The company covers an area of 50000 square meters, has modern factory buildings and office buildings, has leading production process equipment in the same industry, and has a high-quality production and management team. The company's swimming series products represented by the "Jiejia" brand are exported to Europe, Asia and other countries, and sell well all over the country. Corporate culture is professional because of its focus. Create a first-class brand with the excellent image of the enterprise, and feel the value of the brand from the perspective of customers. Enterprise honors Jennifer Reilly, swimming champion of 2000 and 2004 World Championships, uses and recommends the products. Shenzhen Municipal Government awarded our company's Jiejia brand the innovation record award of our company to Shenzhen well-known brand Shenzhen Federation of industrial economics; founding member of China swimming equipment committee; China The member unit of Sports Goods Federation and the 20-year focus on swimsuits with the characteristics of Jiejia brand enable us to provide more professional and personalized services for every customer. The design of every product you see shows the trend of modern development, from appearance to interior, from material selection to processing, from delivery to service, all of which fully reflect the most humanized characteristics Its superior "cost performance" is the perfect embodiment of product performance and value.

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